Careless: Coalition

Welcome! If you're sick of music that is created through surveys, market research and is performed by manufactured pop personalities who are easy on the eyes and tough on the ears, then it's time to join the Coalition . . . the Careless Coalition. Careless has much more in common with the new wave of British heavy metal bands from the 1980's than it does with what is going on in today's music scene. James Collins, Walt Kosar and Nolan Ayres have spent years honing their individual skills and they have put an equal amount of effort into writing memorable melodic hard rock songs. There were no other musicians used, no pitch correction applied to the tracks, and no massaging of the tempos. REAL MUSIC for REAL PEOPLE. Careless' debut album Coalition is available for preview on this website. If you feel this music is worthy of your support, purchase Coalition by clicking on the album cover above, or the iTunes link on the menu bar. This will enable Careless to continue to make REAL MUSIC and to keep sharing it with REAL PEOPLE.